'Chandler Massey is new Frank Sinatra!' ?

When Bryan Dattilo heard Chandler Massey playing piano: ‘“Dude, you’re amazing.” I heard him playing on the small organ in his dressing room next to mine, and I thought it was the radio. That’s how good it was. I thought I was listening some kind of Perry Como/ Frank Sinatra thing without the lyrics.’

This is for all who are saying that Chandler’s acting is bad: I think we all can agree that Chandler Massey is incredibly talented in many ways and no one should never ever say that he isn’t. He is phenomenal actor! I am saying this because there has been stupid comments that he can’t act or he’s bad etc. People need to stop saying bad things about Chandler (and Freddie) and I’m just tired of hearing negative comments about their acting or that they don’t have chemistry between them. Stop it right away - you’re just making yourself a fool.

They’re both good actors, and if you love Will and Sonny as a couple - why you still find something bad to say about Chandler or Freddie?

CLARIFICATION: This post wasn’t the best place to write about my thoughts, because Chandler’s music talent and acting are different things. 

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  2. ashleycox2007 answered: I think Chandler is amazing and I think freddie is too. Love #wilson:) they are awesome and great chemistry. ;)
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    I think they’re great actors, but just cause we like them doesn’t mean everyone has to. If a person doesn’t like...
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    People who say Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith can’t act need to get their eyes checked. Time and again both these...
  6. roxygirl24 answered: Chandler is the best!
  7. gidi51 answered: it is still people who can’t accepet gay charachter..
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    There are actually people who don’t think Chandler is a good actor? o_O Are they dense? You’d have to be stupid to not...
  9. iheartwilson answered: CM’s music talent has nothing to do with his acting abilties so this blurb is kinda odd. However, I do think CM is an Emmy-worthy actor.
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